The Dispensable Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to retire from politics has set off alarm bells across the West. Who will hold together what’s left of the liberal world order, once the “leader of the free world” is no longer sitting in the Bundestag? Finish reading this piece in Politico Europe.

Britain’s most dangerous export: Corbynism It is a testament to the enervated state of the European left that Jeremy Corbyn could be viewed as some sort of savior. And yet that is how an increasing number of desperate social democrats appear to see the hard-left leader of Britain’s Labour Party. Finish reading this piece in POLITICO Europe.

Germany Puts Germany First Since the end of World War II, German statesmen from across the political spectrum have insisted that their nation has no national interests, only supranational ones. As founding chancellor of the divided, postwar Federal Republic, Konrad Adenauer chose to rehabilitate his defeated country through the path of Westbindung, (literally “binding to the West”), subsuming it...

The Norwegian TV series that’s enraged the Kremlin Okkupert (“Occupied”), the most expensive Norwegian television show in history, never mentions the word “quisling.” And yet its premise — a Russian occupation of Norway — evokes Vidkun Quisling’s Nazi collaborationist government and is permeated with the still unshakable trauma of that era. Read the rest of this review at Politico Europe.