Books and Culture

Review of CONFIDENCE MAN What drives Trump? More than racism, power, or even greed, it’s an insatiable hunger for fame

Love and War Advise & Consent is rightly remembered as a classic Washington movie. It was also an important—if complicated—moment in gay history

Bringing Abortion Out of the Shadows What pro-choice activists can learn from the gay rights movement

Character Studies

Armie Hammer Breaks His Silence Two years after some of the most shocking allegations of the #MeToo era lit up the Internet and destroyed his career, the actor has finally decided to tell his side of the story

Calling Out an Anti-Semite When I learned that Alice Walker and I would both be speaking at the same literary festival, I seized the chance to expose her views.

Norah Vincent's Gender Trouble The late writer’s lessons on breaking the gender binary


Writers of the World, Denounce! Progressive activists repeat the sins of the past

NASA Refused to Cancel James Webb. Good. Blaming the former head of NASA for the Lavender Scare actually minimizes anti-gay discrimination.

Germany Has Only Itself to Blame The brutal end of German illusions about energy from Russia


Who Burned Down the Sculpture of Xi Jinping at a California Park? Federal prosecutors say Weiming Chen’s ‘CCP Virus’ was destroyed by men working for China.

London Diary An eventful week in the British capital

John McCain's Soft Spot for "Brave Little Nations" To really understand the impact John McCain had on the world, visit a country like Georgia


Did the Cold War Ever End? Seventy-six years after Churchill’s warning, Garry Kasparov castigates a complacent West


Origin Story How a self-published investigation into the possibility of a “lab leak” upended groupthink about the coronavirus

Conservative Conference Avoids Trump as They Rebrand Nationalism and Economic Policy On the first National Conservatism Conference in Washington, DC

What Is American Labor Thinking in Honoring a ‘Union’ Figure From Cuba? In its more honorable past, the AFL-CIO was staunchly anti-communist. But now, the same union is toasting a Cuban emissary. What gives?