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  • April 2011
  • Another Hopeless EU Bureaucracy

    18th Apr 2011

    Europe’s common foreign policy is dead on arrival. It’s supposed to be the crowning achievement of the decades-long dream that…

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  • December 2010
  • Coincidence?

    27th Dec 2010

    Voodoo Histories: The Role of the Conspiracy Theory in Shaping Modern History by David Aaronovitch; Riverhead 400 pp., $26.95 To understand the…

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  • August 2010
  • Fleurs du Mal

    30th Aug 2010

    North Korea’s ghastly art, on display in Vienna. Vienna If the painting Kim Jong Il, the supreme commander of the Korean…

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  • May 2009
  • Bring Him His Machine Gun

    4th May 2009

    Last Wednesday, South Africans returned the African National Congress to power for the fourth consecutive time since the end of…

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  • May 2008
  • They Backed Boris

    19th May 2008

    On the hustings with Boris Johnson, London’s unlikely mayor. London “They want a shot of me with the carcasses,” Boris…

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  • July 2007
  • How Tyranny Came to Zimbabwe

    18th Jul 2007

    Jimmy Carter still has a lot to answer for. In April 1979, 64 percent of the black citizens of Rhodesia…

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  • December 2006
  • Meet Mugabe's Victims

    25th Dec 2006

    Thousands have been killed or tortured by the Zimbabwean dictator. Here are the stories of three. For 17 years, Holly…

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James Kirchick is a journalist and foreign correspondent currently based in Washington. He has reported from Southern and North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, across the European continent, and the Caucasus. He is a fellow with the Foreign Policy Initiative in Washington, D.C., a correspondent for The Daily Beast and is a columnist for Tablet. His first book, The End of Europe: Dictators, Demagogues and the Coming Dark Age is forthcoming from Yale University Press.

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