The Other Camus

The Other Camus The gay past of the alt-right’s French guru

Jake Auchincloss and Incendiary Rhetoric

Jake Auchincloss and Incendiary Rhetoric ‘We can’t burn their book, but they can burn our flag?’

London Diary

London Diary An eventful week in the British capital

Was Gary Hart the best president we never had? The dumbest assertion ever issued in the history of American politics was purportedly uttered by Gary Hart to The New York Times magazine in 1987: ‘Follow me around, I don’t care.’ Finish reading this review at the Spectator.

Hillary's Left Turn The centrist Democratic party bequeathed to President Barack Obama by Bill Clinton is not the one he will leave to his successor. By every measure, it is more left-wing, and more populist both in spirit and ideological composition. And this poses serious problems for the campaign of the candidate seen as America’s most likely next...

How Fascist is Ukraine’s Svoboda?

How Fascist is Ukraine’s Svoboda? Not at all, says its members. Just a little, well, ’emotional’…

Vladimir Putin's Pink Peril After all the fuss, the billions spent, the calls for boycotts and so on, the Sochi Winter Olympics will begin next week. Given the incredibly low expectations, the Russian Games may even be judged a success — as long as the weather stays cold and no terrorist attack takes place. But Vladimir Putin should not...