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  • February 2020
  • Et Tu, A.C.L.U.?

    22nd Feb 2020

    In 1934, the year after Adolf Hitler assumed power, the American Civil Liberties Union published a pamphlet entitled Shall We Defend…

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  • December 2019
  • It’s Complicated

    28th Dec 2019

    Lord Louis and Edwina Mountbatten were one of the most famous couples of the 20th century. “Dickie,” as he was…

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About James

James Kirchick is a journalist and foreign correspondent currently based in Washington. He has reported from Southern and North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, across the European continent, and the Caucasus. He is a fellow with the Foreign Policy Initiative in Washington, D.C., a correspondent for The Daily Beast and is a columnist for Tablet. His first book, The End of Europe: Dictators, Demagogues and the Coming Dark Age is forthcoming from Yale University Press.

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