• May 2008
  • Choosing the Whip

    7th May 2008

    Heidi Holland explores the complex psychology of Robert Mugabe. Dinner with Mugabe: The Untold Story of a Freedom Fighter Who…

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  • April 2008
  • The Passivist

    3rd Apr 2008

    Matthew Yglesias proves that doves, too, bury their heads in the sand. Heads in the Sand: How the Republicans Screw…

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  • March 2008
  • The McGreevey Scandal Wasn't (Just) About Sex

    28th Mar 2008

    New Jersey has long been the bastard cousin of its neighbor to the north, and the details of the affair involving former…

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  • Hard Right

    26th Mar 2008

    Gay porn’s neocon kingpin. This was not what Patrick Cordova had bargained for. The Stanford junior, a member of the…

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  • February 2008
  • The Man Who Would be King

    27th Feb 2008

    Is our U.N. ambassador running for president of Afghanistan? In April 2005, when President Bush decided to transfer Zalmay Khalilzad…

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  • How a British MP Lost Her Seat But Kept Her Dignity

    15th Feb 2008

    The Oona King Diaries: House Music by Oona King; Bloomsbury; 384 pages.  Not long after she lost reelection in May…

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  • January 2008
  • Angry White Man

    8th Jan 2008

    The bigoted past of Ron Paul. If you are a critic of the Bush administration, chances are that, at some…

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  • November 2007
  • Liberal Homophobia

    26th Nov 2007

    It’s not just homophobia from conservatives we have to worry about. Liberals can be just as baldly antigay — often…

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  • Don't Bow to the "Muslim Street"

    18th Nov 2007

    Intervention in Darfur may fuel Muslim anger, but that can’t be an excuse to do nothing. Americans are frequently told…

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  • On Firm Ground

    9th Nov 2007

    During a heated exchange in the apartheid-era South African parliament, a senior government minister scolded Helen Suzman, then the lone…

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