• February 2008
  • The Man Who Would be King

    27th Feb 2008

    Is our U.N. ambassador running for president of Afghanistan? In April 2005, when President Bush decided to transfer Zalmay Khalilzad…

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  • How a British MP Lost Her Seat But Kept Her Dignity

    15th Feb 2008

    The Oona King Diaries: House Music by Oona King; Bloomsbury; 384 pages.  Not long after she lost reelection in May…

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  • January 2008
  • Angry White Man

    8th Jan 2008

    The bigoted past of Ron Paul. If you are a critic of the Bush administration, chances are that, at some…

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  • November 2007
  • Don't Bow to the "Muslim Street"

    18th Nov 2007

    Intervention in Darfur may fuel Muslim anger, but that can’t be an excuse to do nothing. Americans are frequently told…

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  • On Firm Ground

    9th Nov 2007

    During a heated exchange in the apartheid-era South African parliament, a senior government minister scolded Helen Suzman, then the lone…

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  • October 2007
  • Buddy System

    31st Oct 2007

    A corrupt mayor’s kitschy comeback. Providence, Rhode Island — Hanging in the plaque-adorned hallway of WPRO-AM, the local talk-radio station, is…

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  • Who's the Hypocrite?

    15th Oct 2007

    It’s not fair to use affirmative action against Clarence Thomas. With the release of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ memoir,…

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  • Queer Theory

    8th Oct 2007

    The Columbia Professor Who Also Doesn’t Think Gay People Exist in the Middle East Of all the absurd claims expressed…

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  • September 2007
  • Mugabe: A Tyrant from the Start

    30th Sep 2007

    Those who say Zimbabwe’s president was once a hero are fooling themselves. As Zimbabwe’s president, Robert Mugabe, presides over what might be the…

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  • August 2007
  • From Africa with Love

    3rd Aug 2007

    Perhaps at no other point in history has the United States been more unpopular in the world than it is…

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James Kirchick is a visiting fellow in the Center on the United States and Europe and Project on International Order and Strategy at the Brookings Institution. A widely published journalist, he is author of “The End of Europe: Dictators, Demagogues and the Coming Dark Age” (Yale, 2017), a correspondent for The Daily Beast, and a columnist for Tablet. He is at work on his second book, a history of gay Washington, D.C., for Henry Holt.

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