• February 2010
  • Gays vs. Democrats

    26th Feb 2010

    They’re fond of your checkbooks — and deaf to your demands for equal rights. What will it take for the…

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  • January 2010
  • An Annoyance, Not a Threat

    29th Jan 2010

    Reading about Israel’s deportation of Jared Malsin, an editor for the Palestinian Ma’an news agency, I’m not surprised that his…

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  • December 2009
  • The Persian Version

    28th Dec 2009

    My 15 minutes of Iranian fame The request sounded innocent enough. “To all editors and TV stars on staff,” read…

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  • October 2009
  • Arch Nemesis

    6th Oct 2009

    Desmond Tutu’s Palestinian activism reflects South Africa’s anti-Zionism The two worst charges that can be hurled against Israel are that…

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  • Ousting Zelaya

    3rd Oct 2009

    Is Obama on the wrong side of the Honduran constitutional crisis? On September 12, the United States government revoked the visas of…

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  • September 2009
  • Chavez's Friend in Massachusetts

    1st Sep 2009

    The real reason Joe Kennedy II shouldn’t take his uncle’s senate seat. Speculation as to who will succeed Ted Kennedy…

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  • May 2009
  • Bring Him His Machine Gun

    4th May 2009

    Last Wednesday, South Africans returned the African National Congress to power for the fourth consecutive time since the end of…

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  • March 2009
  • Do or Dybul

    11th Mar 2009

    Was Bush’s AIDS czar a pragmatic dissenter, a tool of the religious right, or both? On January 9, Ambassador Mark…

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  • February 2009
  • Pravda on the Potomac

    18th Feb 2009

    Russian propaganda descends on Washington. Ramzan Kadyrov, one would assume, is hardly the sort of man the Russian government would…

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  • December 2008
  • The Resurgent House of Kennedy

    19th Dec 2008

    Up until very recently, it was hard to find anything nasty to say about Caroline Kennedy. The only daughter of…

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