• April 2015
  • Hillary's Left Turn

    19th Apr 2015

    The centrist Democratic party bequeathed to President Barack Obama by Bill Clinton is not the one he will leave to…

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  • April 2014
  • How Fascist is Ukraine's Svoboda?

    12th Apr 2014

    Ihor Miroshnychenko, a parliamentarian from Ukraine’s ultra-nationalist Svoboda (Freedom) party, is an ‘emotional’ man. That is the word that he…

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  • February 2014
  • Vladimir Putin's Pink Peril

    1st Feb 2014

    After all the fuss, the billions spent, the calls for boycotts and so on, the Sochi Winter Olympics will begin…

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  • August 2013
  • The Inside Story

    24th Aug 2013

    This Town By Mark Leibovich Penguin, pp.400, £17.99 Many books have been written about the corruption, venality and incestuousness that…

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  • July 2013
  • Germany's War on Barbie

    20th Jul 2013

    ‘I embrace Barbie because I’m not threatened by her,’ says my friend Pippa, an early 40-ish antiques dealer from London…

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  • The Shameful Treatment of the Man Behind the Enigma Code

    6th Jul 2013

    Alan Turing, the man who developed the Enigma code that saved the Allied war effort, was not merely disregarded by…

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  • May 2013
  • The Monster at the Bar

    25th May 2013

    To the British tabloids, he was ‘the Pied Piper of paedophiles’, the UK’s ‘most wanted child abuser’. But we all…

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  • December 2012
  • A Farewell to Facebook

    20th Dec 2012

    A political animal, I have no plans to stop opining about the issues of the day. Just don’t expect me to engage with you about them on Facebook.

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