• November 2008
  • Right shouldn’t imitate Bush-era Left

    9th Nov 2008

    With the Bush administration ending and the Obama administration beginning, it is worth pondering John McCain’s gracious concession speech, giving…

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  • Can This Paper Be Saved?

    4th Nov 2008

    On a recent visit to the Washington Times, the only glimpse I catch of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon—South Korean leader…

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  • October 2008
  • Powell's Cautionary Tale

    20th Oct 2008

    Why liberal internationalists shouldn’t be thrilled about the Powell endorsement That supporters of Barack Obama would welcome Colin Powell’s endorsement…

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  • September 2008
  • Parliament's Peanut Gallery

    10th Sep 2008

    The Wit and Wisdom of Britain’s Sketch Writers Whenever Simon Hoggart writes about Michael Fabricant, he always makes note of…

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  • The GOP Should Kiss Gay-Bashing Goodbye

    9th Sep 2008

    Political conventions are memorable not only for what the party grandees say, but for what they leave out. What was…

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  • August 2008
  • Manhunt.net's Gay Republican Victim

    26th Aug 2008

    Jonathan Crutchley discovers how intolerant the gay community can be. Two weeks ago, news emerged that the co-founder of the…

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  • Devil's Advocates

    13th Aug 2008

    Despots and the lobbyists who love them. Joe Szlavik remembers the moment when he began to suspect that his work…

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  • Bad Samaritans

    7th Aug 2008

    Hitler, the Germans, and the Final Solution by Ian Kershaw; Yale University Press; 400 pages; $35 A recent news item in The…

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  • History's Comeback

    1st Aug 2008

    According to Robert Kagan, the world is back to normal. The Return of History and the End of Dreams by…

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  • July 2008
  • Open the Gate

    30th Jul 2008

    Let Them In: The Case for Open Borders. Gotham Books. 228 pages. $22.50 No issue more divides conservatives today than immigration. Every…

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