• March 2008
  • Hard Right

    26th Mar 2008

    Gay porn’s neocon kingpin. This was not what Patrick Cordova had bargained for. The Stanford junior, a member of the…

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  • November 2007
  • Liberal Homophobia

    26th Nov 2007

    It’s not just homophobia from conservatives we have to worry about. Liberals can be just as baldly antigay — often…

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  • October 2007
  • Queer Theory

    8th Oct 2007

    The Columbia Professor Who Also Doesn’t Think Gay People Exist in the Middle East Of all the absurd claims expressed…

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  • May 2007
  • Give Up on McGreevey

    18th May 2007

    The disgraced former governor of New Jersey, in case anyone needs a reminder, was forced to announce his resignation in…

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  • March 2007
  • CoulterKampf

    28th Mar 2007

    I learned long ago not to take Ann Coulter seriously. This understanding allows me to view her ritually screeching pronouncements…

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  • February 2006
  • Young, Out, and Gay—Not Queer

    14th Feb 2006

    There is one word that drives me nuts. It’s not a curse. Its timbre does not make me cringe. Rather,…

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  • September 2004
  • Michael Jackson is not the right focus for Larry Kramer Initiative

    28th Sep 2004

    With a two-day scholarly conference on Michael Jackson, Yale has taken one more step into the depths of academic nihilism.…

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