• November 2010
  • Selective Outrage

    26th Nov 2010

    Gays call out the hypocrisy and homophobia of conservative Christianity with remarkable élan. Why isn’t Islam being held to the…

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  • October 2010
  • In Serbia, Gay Activists Prepare for the Worst

    9th Oct 2010

    BELGRADE — Gay activists, planning to hold a demonstration on October 10 in the Serbian capital, are hoping that the…

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  • May 2010
  • A Conservative Conundrum

    26th May 2010

    Politically right-of-center men and women make up a growing yet habitually ignored gay minority. The Advocate columnist James Kirchick says now more…

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  • March 2010
  • Tripping Over a Leg Up

    26th Mar 2010

    Is there such a thing as gay affirmative action? Could a well-meaning aid to the advancement of LGBTs result in…

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  • February 2010
  • Gays vs. Democrats

    26th Feb 2010

    They’re fond of your checkbooks — and deaf to your demands for equal rights. What will it take for the…

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  • December 2009
  • Lambert Offends Equally

    1st Dec 2009

    It may be hard to believe, but just two weeks ago, “American Idol” runner-up Adam Lambert was attacked for not…

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  • August 2009
  • Unorthodox Position

    20th Aug 2009

    Meet Washington’s gay-friendly Orthodox rabbi When Zvi Bellin, a gay Washingtonian, heard that a vigil was being organized by members…

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  • May 2009
  • Battle of the Homocons

    20th May 2009

    Gay Republicans can’t get along–both of them. It’s a sunny Friday afternoon in April, and Frank Ricchiazzi is addressing the…

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  • March 2009
  • Play Nice, Folks

    26th Mar 2009

    Why confrontation is exactly the wrong approach when it comes to getting what you want. Leave it to Melissa Etheridge…

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  • Gay Marriage Isn't Racist

    12th Mar 2009

    Jasmyne Cannick may not admit it, but marriage equality benefits all gays and lesbians — not just the white ones I…

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James Kirchick is a journalist and foreign correspondent currently based in Washington. He has reported from Southern and North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, across the European continent, and the Caucasus. He is a fellow with the Foreign Policy Initiative in Washington, D.C., a correspondent for The Daily Beast and is a columnist for Tablet. His first book, The End of Europe: Dictators, Demagogues and the Coming Dark Age is forthcoming from Yale University Press.

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