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  • May 2009
  • Reagan's Place

    29th May 2009

    The Rebellion of Ronald Reagan: A History of the End of the Cold War.  By James Mann; Viking; 396 pages;…

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  • April 2009
  • Tough Love

    3rd Apr 2009

    Bronwen Maddox makes the case against Anti-Americanism. In Defense of America By Bronwen Maddox; Little, Brown; 216 pages; $16.99.  “Only…

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  • August 2008
  • Bad Samaritans

    7th Aug 2008

    Hitler, the Germans, and the Final Solution by Ian Kershaw; Yale University Press; 400 pages; $35 A recent news item in The…

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  • History's Comeback

    1st Aug 2008

    According to Robert Kagan, the world is back to normal. The Return of History and the End of Dreams by…

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  • July 2008
  • Open the Gate

    30th Jul 2008

    Let Them In: The Case for Open Borders. Gotham Books. 228 pages. $22.50 No issue more divides conservatives today than immigration. Every…

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  • Communist Loser

    9th Jul 2008

    Eric Hobsbawm, revisionist On Empire: America, War and Global Supremacy,; By Eric Hobsbawm; Pantheon Books; 128 pp.; $19.95 Yes, Eric…

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  • May 2008
  • Choosing the Whip

    7th May 2008

    Heidi Holland explores the complex psychology of Robert Mugabe. Dinner with Mugabe: The Untold Story of a Freedom Fighter Who…

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  • April 2008
  • The Passivist

    3rd Apr 2008

    Matthew Yglesias proves that doves, too, bury their heads in the sand. Heads in the Sand: How the Republicans Screw…

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  • February 2008
  • How a British MP Lost Her Seat But Kept Her Dignity

    15th Feb 2008

    The Oona King Diaries: House Music by Oona King; Bloomsbury; 384 pages.  Not long after she lost reelection in May…

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  • October 2007
  • Queer Theory

    8th Oct 2007

    The Columbia Professor Who Also Doesn’t Think Gay People Exist in the Middle East Of all the absurd claims expressed…

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